Specialist Food and Medical
Air Filtration Engineers

Absolute Air Filtration

As one of the very first companies to recognise the need to provide microbiological protection during food and beverage production, Foramaflow quickly established an enviable reputation for delivering completely reliable systems for absolute, HEPA quality air filtration to the leading food producers in the UK, Europe and many other countries around the world.

Today, positive pressure sterile air systems are continuously being developed by us for elevated temperature food vessels where increased water activity and high flow rates inside and through the vessel make special demands on the filter systems. Ambient water storage and milk processing systems with positive open venting together with high flow rate venting in the oil and gas industry all form part of our wide range of microbiological air filter systems.

All of our technologies here at Foramaflow are extensively and repeatedly tested for compliance against industry standards, not only in house during design and manufacture but are further supported by the most extensive independent certification body testing and compliance assurances available today.

Air Filter Testing

Unlike some other manufacturers, at Foramaflow we do not just “batch test” our filters. We have always taken the view that batch testing only proves the sample taken from the batch and is not conclusive enough for us. We individually test each filter because we know that our customers want assurance that every product delivered to them has been individually certified. Additionally, each Foramaflow product that our filters are fitted to is also individually tested before it is approved fit for service and released to our customers.

Our filter testing delivers a HEPA filter that far exceeds BS EN 1822 ( H14 ) as an absolute minimum bench mark at the highest flow rate declared for our product. In fact the efficiency of our filters still exceeds BS EN 1822 ( H14 ) at more than twice our certified flow rate.  All of our testing is measured against BS 3928.

Certification and Conformity

Every filter product that we deliver to our customer is issued with a unique certificate of test and conformity: The certificate details the standard achieved by that test measured against the stated BS EN Classification.  The certificate includes a unique tracking number which ensures complete traceability within our manufacturing process.  All equipment has a unique serial number ensuring that we can trace the entire manufacturing process from raw material certification right through to our dispatch of the equipment to the customer.

Leading the way in High Effeciency HEPA and Absolute Air Filtration

Over half a century of successfully meeting air filtration challenges has resulted today in Foramaflow products operating in over 52 countries around the world. From the cold of a harsh winter in Switzerland to the heat and sandy atmosphere of the Qatari dessert, humidity of Borneo, to the remote areas of the Galapagos Islands, Foramaflow products are working and protecting product in the world’s most extreme environments.