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Every day around the world people eat and drink products protected by us

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Foramaflow produce the largest range of Formalin Vaporizers in the world

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We are experts in the design and manufacture of specialist absolute microbiological air filtration systems for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and laboratory industries. Concurrently we have, for 60 years, been designing and manufacturing what is today the world’s leading range of formalin microbiological decontamination systems.

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We are proud to be a British company that exports to over fifty two countries around the world

Absolute air filtration

60 years of innovation in air filtration technology, Foramaflow remains at the forefront of advancement in specialised microbiological air filtration. Every day around the world people eat and drink products protected by us.



We first developed the 60ml cabinet mounted Formalin Vaporiser 60 years ago for use with the early Foramaflow Class I and Class III microbiological safety cabinets.  This evolved into the first commercially available vaporiser in the world to allow the safe fumigation of infectious containment areas and safety cabinets of all classes using formalin solutions.

60 years of history

A dynamic forward thinking specialist engineering Company

Our history dates back to the early 1960’s with our founder, Desmond Russell-Lowe, a highly qualified sea going marine engineer officer and his development of our first standardised hydrophobic HEPA filter. The patented  design and manufacturing process with its standardisation allowed this highly efficient filter such versatility it could be fitted to any application requiring absolute microbiological protection. The filter with its unique ability to deliver an exceptionally high flow rate against low pressure drop was soon being fitted across the country to pharmaceutical facilities and the leading breweries and food manufacturer’s process vessels.

Over the coming years the company’s specialisation rapidly expanded developing other critical filtration applications including the first hydrophobic anaesthetic filter used on anaesthesia ventilator machines during patient in-hospital operations.

Independently evaluated by the Public Health Laboratory the outstanding results were published in the British Medical Journal in 1973.

Further product development produced the positive pressure filter systems for the earliest laboratory isolators, the Foramaflow range of Class I and Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinets and the first sterile air baby incubator at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

Further innovation followed with the DEFRA approved Foramaflow STC/3 road going milk tanker vent. This tanker vent system independently tested and approved by the Food Science Laboratory, outperformed all other manufacturer’s filters selected for comparison testing for use against the spread of Foot & Mouth Disease on road going tankers. (The scientific paper being published in the Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology)

Today, positive pressure sterile air systems are continuously being developed by us for elevated temperature food vessels where increased water activity and high flow rates inside and through the vessel make special demands on the filter systems. Ambient water storage and milk processing systems with positive open venting, together with high flow rate venting in the oil and gas industry, all form part of our wide range of microbiological protection air filter systems.

More than a half century of successfully meeting these air filtration challenges has resulted today in Foramaflow systems operating from the extremes of cold in Switzerland to the heat and dust of Qatar, the humidity in Borneo to the remote areas of the Galapagos Islands with Foramaflow products operating 24 hours a day across over fifty two countries around the world.


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