STC/3 Air Filter System – Tank Venting Up to 340m³/hr in both flow modes

STC/3 Filter System - Tank Vent

STC/3 Air Filter System – Tank Venting Up to 340m³/hr in both flow modes


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The Foramaflow STC/3 unit allows the vessel to ventilate naturally so that all of the air displaced during filling and emptying cycles and normal ambient temperature changes will pass through the sterile air filter to the same high degree of efficiency in both flow modes.

The STC/3 unit is designed specifically for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and in particular for use on storage vessels where the filter system is subjected to a range of harsh conditions from elevated temperatures, humidity, CIP procedures, vessel steaming and light chemical attack. The provision of inner and outer stainless steel grids ensures that filter integrity is maintained under reverse flow conditions during filling and emptying cycles.

The STC/3 HEPA filter is manufactured under a patented process and has been engineered to provide absolute microbiological protection with an even higher flow rate against a low pressure drop and to withstand ever increasing hostile operating conditions.

Approved by DEFRA, the Scottish Dairy Industry and independently tested by the Food Science Laboratory (Aberdeen) and at HPA (Porton Down). The STC/3 Filter is certified in accordance with BS EN 1822 (H14) and tested against BS 3928.

The Foramaflow STC/3 is also available as an in line configuration.




STC/3 Air Filter System – Tank Venting Up to 340m³/hr in both flow modes
Stainless steel
Filter Media:
Specially formulated Hydrophobic Microglass water repellent paper to BS 2823
Operating Temperature:
Up to 120°C for short periods. RH Conditions: 100% RH Environment (no free moisture)
Pressure Integrity:
3 Kpa min. Differential pressure in both flow modes.
TSE Free Manufacture:
The Foramaflow filter system is completely TSE Free (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) in accordance with the Food Hygiene, pharmaceutical and the MHRA industry standards, this includes all of our primary packaging.
Flow Rate:
200 cfm (94 l/s) at a pressure drop of 0.72"wg (180Pa)
280 cfm (132 l/s) at a pressure drop of 1.00"wg (250Pa)
HEPA filter >H14 - BS EN 1822. Tested against BS 3928
Complete range of fittings available from 1 - 5".
Country of origin: United Kingdom. HS number 84213925