VAP3/T Formalin Vaporiser for all Classes of Safety Cabinet

VAP3/T Formalin Vaporiser for all Classes of Safety Cabinet


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The VAP3/T model provides a fully automatic decontamination and neutralisation cycle

Independently tested for effectiveness at CAMR Porton Down and NATO, the VAP3/T is shown to be fully effective in killing micro-organisms with a log reduction of greater than 6 when tested with resistant Bacillus subtilis var niger spores. The Foramaflow VAP3/T range is our most popular. The fully automatic, simple, proven fumigation and neutralisation cycle is designed for use where the fumigated volume cannot be vented to atmosphere. Typically this covers the Class II re-circulating cabinet. Once the fumigation and desired dwell time has been completed, the neutralisation cycle will start automatically without any need for user input.

The VAP3/T incorporates an on-delay timer to delay the start of the fumigation which can be set from 1 second up to 99 hours. All models are available in 230V. Each chamber has a solution capacity of 120ml and can be mounted externally on the safety cabinet or placed inside before the cabinet is sealed.

The lightweight (5kg) VAP3/T vaporizer units feature an automatic cut off device which will switch off each heating cycle as soon as all of the fumigation and neutralisation solutions have boiled off, making the fully automated process extremely safe, especially in overnight operations.

All metal parts are stainless steel, overpainted externally with a hard wearing chemical resistant powder coated matt black finish. The standard discharge tube length is 55mm and is inclined upwards by 1 degree to reduce the effects of condensate dripping. All units are supplied with full instructions and technical data for the safe operation of the vaporiser.

All Foramaflow vaporizers meet the performance requirements of ISBN 0 7176 2034 4 and BS EN 12469:2000 (British and European Standard)


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VAP3/T Formalin Vaporiser for all Classes of Safety Cabinet
VAP3/T The timer allows fumigation cycle delay
Fumigation Standards
ISBN 0 71762034 4 & BS EN 12469:2000
UKCA & CE Marked - RoHS and WEEE Compliant
Greater than 6 log reductions of resistant Bacillus subtilis var niger spores
230v 1ph ac 3amp 50Hz
Standard Termination
1.7m long Mains Cable with UK 3 Pin Fused Plug. All other international plugs available on request
Solution Volume
Chamber 1: 120ml (Fumigation)
Chamber 2: 120ml (Neutralisation)
Country of Origin
Country of origin United Kingdom. HS number 84192000. NATO codification NSN: 6640-99-736-9700
  • All our Vaporizers feature an automatic cut off at the end of the cycle for added user safety.
  • The fully automated process maintains humidity for optimum fumigation efficacy.
  • On-delay timer/programmer allows delayed start and remote switching functions.