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STC/2 Filter System – Intermediate Bulk Containers

The Foramaflow STC/2 filter is an ideal solution for providing Microbiological protection to product stored in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) and small tanks.

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The Foramaflow STC/2 Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) HEPA Air Filter is specifically designed for the use on palletised food, beverage, and general product containers to provide microbiological protection. The filter system removes airborne particulate, protecting the product during emptying cycles and normal aspiration. The stainless steel filter housing simply screws to the IBC air vent making connection quick and easy without the need for assembly tools.


Stainless Steel

Filter Media:

Hydrophobic Microglass water repellent paper to BS 2823

Operating Temperature:

Upto 120 Deg C for short periods. RH Conditions: 100% RH Environment (no free moisture)

Pressure Integrity:

3 Kpa min. Differential pressure in both flow modes

TSE Free Manufacture:

The Foramaflow Filter system is completely TSE Free (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) in accordance with the Food Hygiene, pharmaceutical and the MHRA industry standards, this includes all of our primary packaging

Flow Rate:

50 m3/hr(830 L/min) at a pressure drop of 1"wg (250Pa)




Complete range of fittings available from 1 - 3" - including IBC vent cap male thread which fits directly onto IBC container.